It´s the attention, stupid.

This man needs attention. That is all he is living for. Every tweet, every of his decisions is giving him the full attention of the public. Because we react to it. But there is a way to slow him down.

the white house

Don't pay attention to him. Do not react on his tweets. If you reply or comment, talk of "the White House" or "the american government" or "Washington" or at least "potus". Never use his name. Because he loves reading or hearing his name.

Don´t use pictures of him. Just show a picture of the White house, if you report about him. 

And the politicians all over the world should more or less ignore him. Be friendly to him, but stay uninterested. Only low ranked politicians should comment his decisions. Don`t meet him. Just offer him meetings with lower ranked politicians. 

Dear comedians: I know it is a fantastic time for you with this parody guy in charge. But you only keep him running if you make jokes about him. You won´t get a single Trump-voter to change his mind about him.  

Go and play golf, dude

In one year he will lose the fun in being president if you all ignore him. Because he likes the attention. He will get bored by the usual work of a president. Then he will resign or play more golf.

Barack Obama is doing it right. He is (mostly) just ignoring this selfish old man (2.6.2017).